This only applies if you have bought multiple tickets. If you have a flex ticket and wish to assign this to another player, you will need to contact us to move the booking at this time. Note that tickets are not transferable unless you purchased them as part of a group booking process, or specifically purchased a flex ticket. 

  • Go to My Bookings
  • Locate the tickets you wish to allocate and select the "allocate" option. You will only be able to allocate tickets with the voucher symbol next to them

NOTE FOR ONLINE ONLY EVENTS SUCH AS EPIC31 - You will not have the allocate button on the right as it's missing a step due to the lack of seat picker. For epic31 you can select the event name in orange (epic.FIVE in the screenshot) and this will still take you to the same information. 

  • Pass the code on to the person who you wish to give the ticket to, they will need an account on the epic.LAN website to receive the ticket. 
  • The person receiving the ticket should then visit the redemption page and enter the code given. 

  • Note that once you have transferred the ticket, the new ticket holder will have full control of the ticket, loyalty points will also be transferred to the new ticket holder.