EPIC.LAN may make use of CCTV at its events from time-to-time for the purposes of participant safety and security and adopts the following principles:

  • CCTV including its audio output is not recorded at this time, it is use for live monitoring and response by management personnel. Therefore policies regarding retention of and subject access to data are not applicable. 
  • CCTV is utilised in public areas of the venue to monitor EPIC.LAN events and equipment belonging to Epic Gaming Ltd and its participants. 
  • The EPIC.LAN management team is responsible for the operation of the system on behalf of the company Epic Gaming Ltd. 
  • Any complaints regarding the use of CCTV at EPIC.LAN should be reported through our normal reporting systems.  
  • EPIC.LAN is registered with the ICO as a data controller and complies with all elements of the Data Protection Act.  
  • Use of CCTV at the event does not imply ultimate liability for participants' personal belongings or security, which remains the responsibility of the individual participant.  
  • The system will be checked as working on a daily basis during the events by the duty manager.

Note that venues used by EPIC.LAN may have their own CCTV coverage, for which they will have their own company policies.