We'll have a number of consoles in the social area that are free for anyone to play on. We don't mind if you want to bring a console to your seat too, but you'll have to use the same monitor as your PC and we ask that you only have one system plugged in at once.

Due to the way that consoles work, you may need to raise a support ticket in discord (or visit the admin desk) to ask the Tech team to allow your console to access the internet.

Please contact us with the following so we can get you up and running:

  • your epiclan username
  • the seat location you're sitting at
  • the type of console you're using
  • the MAC code of your console (this will be found in your console's network settings section.)

Some console features may not work the way you're used to at home, such as game or account sharing; this is due to how the venue is recognised as a single site.